Welcome from your new Branch Secretary

Hi, I’m Emma Marshall, your new Branch Secretary for UCU Hull College.

Emma Marshall, your Branch Secretary

I am a fairly new UCU member joining the union in 2017 and became active on the Committee very soon afterwards. I am passionate about Equality matters and my involvement in the union started in this area. I have done some UCU training, been involved in casework and contributed to UCU’s local campaign challenging the 2018 restructure and redundancies. I felt honoured and proud to have been asked by Rob Goodfellow and Dave Langcaster as to whether I might be interested in taking on the role of UCU Branch Secretary this year and when I accepted the challenge I was co-opted into the role.

I have been described by some as a bit of a trouble causer. I can definitely say I am approachable, a good listener, strong willed, focused, straightforward, and not afraid to ask questions or challenge. I hope to make good use of these personality traits in my role this year.Unfortunately

I do have some health issues in that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 28. But I try not to let this get in my way and in fact the diagnosis has probably made me more determined to succeed in my life.

Our branch now needs to regroup and I believe I have the skills and commitment to do this but I will need the help and support of everyone on the local committee and you as a UCU member. Everyone is important when it comes to ensuring that the branch remains strong and vibrant. To coin a phrase it will be something a “fresh start” for UCU’s dealings with the college management this year.

I have already had an informal meeting with the CEO and made the case for improved industrial relations and joint working. Only time will tell how things work out. We have unfilled executive officer roles on the Committee and I am very keen to re-establish the network of departmental contacts from the past as it is very important that we have a good communication system across all sites and departments.

I look forward to getting know more of you in the coming months and I anticipate it will be another busy year for UCU but hopefully we won’t be facing anything like the massive challenges of last year.

I work part time in the Health and Safety Office at Queens Gardens and can be contacted by either my works email or preferably private email emma.ucu.hull@gmail.com

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